124 Days of Hope and Healing

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By Tereasa Chatham

About the Book

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Softcover 5x8 366

This book is aimed at giving people HOPE, even in the most challenging of circumstances.


About the Author

Tereasa always felt there was ‘more” and always felt a bit of a loner.
Her thoughts didn’t always sit well with family and friends and they often called her ’Crazy’ as it didn’t always align with what was said to be ‘Normal’. Little did they release these thoughts were what would get her through the toughest time in her life and give her the strength and HOPE to fight the biggest challenge in her life… the fight to keep her husband alive!

With her strong belief in Tantra and the need to remain “Balanced” she knew she had the ability to remain steady in her journey and fight for what she intuitively believed. With an open mind and ability to think outside the square, along with her knowledge in crystals, aromatherapy and the metaphysical, she knew she had the tools despite all challenges thrown at her.

She found her balance in medical and metaphysical and proudly shares her journey of “124 Days of HOPE and Healing!”