A Child’s Determination

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By Lin Jeshua

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x8.5 60

Join Dee, Girlie-Girlie and their talking tiger named Double, in their daily adventures and learn the lessons they learn from each other.

About the Author

About the Author Lin Jeshua is a caring Mum of a Two Children. She dearly loves and adores her children and children in general, her desire is to see children being nurtured, cared for and thought various skills. Being taken good care of with love and patience as children can often be challenging. It is a blessing to stir young ones into recognizing and utilising their full potential, giftings and abilities in a way they never dreamed off. Having been Born in a family of Five children and being the first born, she helped take care of her younger siblings where her love for children developed and grew A Child’s Determination is born out of inspiration from that love of children and the Desire to encourage them to be the best in everything they aspire to be so they can achieve greater things for themselves and not settle for nothing less but the very best. From Good Children, the society benefits from good adults in the future.