A Crash Course in Emotional Freedom

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By Liisa Halme

About the Book

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Liisa Halme read countless self-help books, attended dozens of seminars and did all the right things, but still found herself struggling with painful emotions and difficult relationships. Through decades of work she discovered the path that lead to the end of emotional suffering, internal chaos, and unfulfilling relationships – and she shares the exact steps in this crash course to emotional freedom. She answers questions such as: • How can you get to fully know yourself – and why is it essential? • How can you recognize, process and express emotions in a healthy way? • How can you stop dysfunctional relationship patterns and create more love and intimacy? Liisa covers everything you need to know in order to take life’s challenges in your stride and use them as opportunities for healing and transformation. Each juicy topic is packed into a short, easy to read, but slow to digest chapter. Drawing on humor and personal examples, she encourages you to discard beliefs that no longer serve you and embrace a new reality of freedom and choice. Change how you relate to yourself, your emotions and others – and fast-track your way to thriving with the practical lessons in this guide.

About the Author

Liisa Halme is a breathwork practitioner, hypnotherapist, yoga therapist and author. She has worked with individuals and groups since the early 2000s, and specializes in emotional work and strategic psychotherapy. She lives with her husband, two children and elderly dog in Sydney, Australia.