A Dreamer's Wish

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By Barbara Magargal

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x8.5 24

This book is meant to help children understand that times are not always roses and candy. There are times when they will be upset with parents or siblings and want to be somewhere else or do something else.

In their minds they imagine a better and simpler life but don't realize that there are always complications and consequences and things don't always turn out the way they wish it would.

The author is a mom, grandmother and great grandmother. She works from home as a landscape contractor.

She loves plants and children and always wants the best for them.

About the Author

This book is dedicated to my grandchildren and great grandchildren.
It was motivated because children can't understand life at a young age
and are usually wanting to be or do something different than the life
they live at home.
Parents and children often have differences of opinion and sometimes
it take an adventure, a thought or even a dream to help a child realize
that a moments disappointment will soon disappear and the feeling of
a restless soul can often settle itself, given time.
This book was created out of love for my family.