A Heart Full of Prayers

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By Pastor Pearl Moses

About the Book

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So, dear Lord, about this book . . . Father, deep inside of me, I’ve always known that there’s this book, This holy story of us— This story of walking and talking, Of deep passion, of hungering, This story of thirsting and yearning, of desperation for more of you. This book about “yada” intimacy, about really, really getting to know you. This story about the pursuit of your presence And the day-to-day joy of being loved by you. A love that’s strong enough to build my life on, to rest my hopes on, and to inspire my dreams on this all-or-nothing relationship with the head-over-heels-in-love-with-me God. Lord, whenever I started writing about us, I stall and stop. How do words capture, start to unpack or explain this sort of love? This—there must be more hunger. This relentless pursuit, This heart-cry for the mantle of Enoch, This deep inner groaning for more of you . . . This story, oh Lord, how do I go on? How to find words to describe my appetite for your friendship with Abraham Or words to describe yearning for Jesus’s love for John Or hunger for the communion walk of Moses, the heart-walk of David? Voraciously consuming me—aching for more of you. Heart longing, Heart yearning, This sell-the-field-to-buy-the-pearl kind of love, This trade-everything-in-for-you knowing . . . It’s all so very hard to put it into words. What to say? How to pray? Father, it’s scary trying to share the things we say. The heart-to-heart communion, the way that I feel, I so love and adore you, my beautiful, precious, awesome, and most holy Lord. Worthy, worthy, worthy is your matchless name. It’s so beautiful, Father, to just get lost in you. And oh, yes, erm . . . as I was saying, Lord, About this book . . .

About the Author

Pearl Moses is a worshipper and an intercessor whose passion for intimacy with the Lord is born out of her testimonies of His compassionate mercy. These testimonies include deliverance from the spirits of fear and rejection as well as experiencing significant physical and emotional healing. Consequently, she is particularly moved to see abused and broken people made whole, restored to the image of Christ and fulfilling God’s calling on their lives.
Her experience includes over 15 years ministering to women, and young people and her creative gifts include inspirational coaching and writing. As a “digital scribe” she is passionate to see social media channels “won over” and used effectively to promote the gospel of Jesus.
Pearl is an ordained Pastor with Betty King International Ministries and Truth Vine Church.
She is married and has one stepson. She is also seasoned legal practitioner with the Law Society of England and Wales.