A Journey with Dauphine

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By Patricia Bowen Pope

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 230

With my heart still pounding and tears coming to my eyes, I smiled lovingly at Connor and replied, “Yes, Connor, yes! I love you too! I think I have always loved you!”

More often separated during their adolescent years, the growing love and affection between Penny and Connor from middle school to early adulthood was destined to succeed! After marriage, Penny decides to drive their 1961 Renault Dauphine from Kansas City to Ft. Devens, Massachusetts, to be with her husband who is in training at the Army Security Agency. Little did she know the important role Dauphine would be taking on in Penny’s journey!

Dauphine became a “real friend” that Penny depended on to get her to work during the cold winter in Massachusetts and again in Maryland at Ft. Meade. The journey creates many opportunities for Penny to become a more self-sufficient adult. She meets many wonderful people who favorably mold her perspective on life—a life enriched with many blessings!

Penny appreciates the love of her family back home and how important they are to her and her husband. The two also learn to appreciate the Army families who share their helping nature without any need for reciprocity.

About the Author

This is Patricia Bowen Pope’s second novel and a continuation of her first, An American Penny. Both are fictional accountings based on true events surrounding her life. Her first book revolves around Patricia and two other siblings sent to Canada in 1946 to live with an aunt and uncle several months because of a family need. A mystery of suspense ensues along the way following World War II which has a long-lasting effect on her. For her second book, Patricia continued to be inspired by family and friends to share life’s events of her and her husband’s experiences as a military family living and working in tumultuous times. Patricia received her education from colleges and universities in the metropolitan Kansas City area in liberal arts, business, science and registered nursing. She currently lives in Shawnee, Kansas, with her husband, Dwight.