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About the Book

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My book is an autobiography, which describes my recollection of events and experiences I have encountered throughout my life, from the time I could recall them as a child up to the present time. Some experiences were good, and unfortunately some were bad. It tells about my immediate family, my relatives, all the friends that I have met throughout my life, in all the areas I have lived, as well as at all the places I have worked. Last, but not least, I talk about all the pets I have had from the time I was young, up until the current time. It explains all the bad luck, obstacle courses, trials and tribulations and hardships I endured, and how I was able to overcome them. I sincerely hope that you find my book interesting, as well as enjoyable!

About the Author

My name is Isabelle Olivia De Luca. I was born in September of 1948 to parents of Italian-American descent. I am currently enjoying retirement from government service since 2009. I have one grown son, who is still single, and resides in Long Island. I do hope that he finds his soulmate while I am still “a resident of the planet earth”! (LOL!) I have one younger sibling who is also single, and lives in Queens. I currently share my apartment in Upstate New York with my two female Chihuahuas. (As you can tell, I gave my pet my sister’s middle name.) I graduated from high school in 1967. If I had a chance “to do it all over again”, I would have attended college. I have taken some computer courses in the past, as well as some job-related classes. I consider myself to be a very generous person, with a good heart. My motto is “if I have it, it is yours”! Unfortunately, some tend to confuse kindness with foolishness, and have taken advantage of my “good nature”! I love and respect all animals, and cannot fathom animal abuse of any kind! This is my first book, and as you can tell, I was not lying when I mention “I did everything late in my life”!