A Life’s Journey

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By John Robert Allen

About the Book

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A Life’s Journey is a story about what led me to a spiritual level of enlightened comfort and joy. The components of the book discuss a variety of questions and thought-provoking ideas that can motivate a person to achieve the higher levels of Maslow’s theory of self-actualization. Throughout the text are stories and examples that demonstrate how some influences can hinder an individual’s positive upward movement. There are stories based on spiritual practices, research, and events that clarified the whys of my journey in life. Writing an autobiography with a twist reinforced how I traveled through life. Writing this book helped reinforce my understanding of what the benefits of spiritual development are, and it helped me learn how to appreciate a more holistic way of living. Individuals who have an interest in a spiritualistic way of believing in a higher power will benefit from this book. It discusses aspects of spiritual enlightenment with emphasis on character traits and ideas that can either influence life’s journey or hinder it. This work will give the reader life stories and issues that many folks deal with—sometimes with no success or comfort. There are references and stories about issues from early childhood to adolescence, to middle age, and to later life experiences that show how experiences can motivate a person to move forward or fear moving ahead. A Life’s Journey is designed to give the reader encouragement and reinforcement for life’s pathway that can be appreciated at any age.

About the Author

A Life’s Journey is Mr. Allen’s fifth book. He was an educator of children and adults for 35 years. One of his life’s goals in retirement had been to write a book. The first book and the three that followed are a series of historical novels based on the family that built a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired prairie style home, which Mr. Allen owned in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. After having success with the four-book series, he has written his autobiography that includes themes related to Maslow’s theory of Self-Actualization, the environment, personal experiences, and prophetic spirituality. Mr. Allen has facilitated book clubs in Florida and New York State. He has conducted writing workshops, and offers writing support to individuals who are developing full manuscripts. While not spending time at his second home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he conducts writing support groups that are developing a book of short stories that will be published to exemplify senior’s involvement in writing.