A Weekend Adventure with Dad

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By Sonny Schweizer

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 44

“Adventures with Dad” is a story that begins a single father getting his kids for the weekend. To ensure they have unforgettable time, Dad has always something in store for as soon as they get to his house. Whether it’s really happening is up to the imagination of the reader.
Dad and his two daughters Autumn age 10 and Angelina age 8, climb into a spaceship with Dad and travel outer space. Although leaving the Earth was no problem, getting back did not turn out so easy. Kids and Dad run into some characters good and scary along the way try desperately to get to Moms house on time. They will do whatever it takes to ensure Dad has them back safe and sound without getting in trouble by Mom.

About the Author

I am a father of two beautiful daughters now at age’s 12-Autumn, and 10-Angelina. Outside of football and wrestling, writing has always been a passion for me. Having always wrote about sports, my daughters opened my imagination up, so I really believed this was the way for us to express our emotions together as a family and let everyone know how close we are. After being separated from my daughters for several months, any time we get to see each other, we always make the most of it. My intention is to be the best father I can be and help my daughters in their journeys’ through life, just as I helped them find our way back to Earth and moms house so no one gets in trouble. I hope everyone can feel the emotions in my writing because it is all genuine. As a single father, I also help to let other single fathers know, to never give up because your time will come.

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