Alley Gator Goes to the City

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By Marilyn Miller

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x8.5 32

The Louisiana Bayou swamp can make one bad alligator tired and longing for clean, clear water and the city.
Alley Gator one day got a hankering to go to the city….

But one thing he did not know. What direction, how long will it take? Two very good questions, that would deter most alligators from the start. But not Alley Gator. He was longing for the city and was determined to go.

An adventure Alley Gator never planned on.
An adventure taking him to a place he never counted on.
And then there was Ivy.

Taking him to an adventure of a lifetime.

About the Author

Marilyn now a widow, finding herself a mother and wife, alone with time on her hands. After raising two boys and being wife for forty years to her much-missed husband. Writing had always been her passion but time to wright never presented itself. Now time is one thing she has plenty of.

When she became a grandmother, at bedtime she would tell her grandchildren a story “As they would say out of your head” Alley Gator was there favorite. Even though she told many stories few found paper and pencil.

However, Alley Gator proved to be an exception. Now dedicating all her stories to her five grandchildren.
Grandchildren in them selves are a true blessing and keep the heart young.