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By Adam Benalla

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 384

The bureau won’t normally take homicides, but this one seemed odd. A suicide in New York, a school shooting in New Haven, and the discovery of Katelyn Miller’s corpse near a cabin in Georgia strike a nerve in my ego. This puzzle is a Rubik’s cube wrapped in a jigsaw, but it doesn’t take long to find a suspect. Dante Betti might be the most dangerously insane armchair philosopher I’ve come across in my years. He follows the rules of logic religiously, but he abides by none of them. A war veteran turned hermit, he’ll stop at nothing to unearth John’s killer and level a conspiracy oppressing New Haven for hundreds of years, even if it means digging up graves and kidnapping university presidents. His war brother, Kelson Collins, won’t mind coming along. If he can’t keep his family together, he can at least keep a promise. The stakes are high, and losses even higher. All the evidence points toward Dante orchestrating everything, but I’ve been in the game long enough to know that things are not always as they appear. I regret to inform you now that I failed to conclude this case, hoping that you read my report yourself so you can understand why. I should warn you, however, once you crack this folder open, you might wish you hadn’t. Some truths are better to be avoided; some questions better left unanswered.

About the Author

When he’s not writing he’s traveling the world studying cultures and languages, and when he’s not traveling he’s reading and learning new skills. Adam is an army veteran with a bachelor’s in writing from the University of Tampa. He is currently working on becoming a meditation master and getting in touch with his Moroccan roots. You can find him on Instagram: benalla3699