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By Sumaya Islam

About the Book

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The exchange of ideas being in this contemporaneous time is playing a vital role. Art as what is formed within a network of activity is all of which contribute to the practices of the art ecosphere grid but not necessary to be aware of the actions of the others. Many potential designs are not globalized for the nonexistence of precise correlation. Collaboration can present the golden section of virtuosity by the means of networking system where architecture, film, music, and performance can be talked through diverse presentations to create the ambience. A conjoint space and movements into it can be the tool for tracing and shaping all these acts. It is a challenge to single out other discipline that perform over a human body and life and tested how it performs in the field of art.

Ayurveda is constantly changing science, which, if performed on the human body and brain for a healthier life, can be the structural method to start the research as for balancing the syntax of creative hub. The three concepts of Ayurveda are about Gunas, Doshas, and Dravyas, which refer to the senses (mind), movements (soul), and mediums (body).

In the state of ascending the design outcome, the materialistic approaches and reacting feedback in terms of sensuous quality are important to be analyzed. The content and context of the space where the object can reveal not only a part of the theory-oriented studies but also a part of personal veteran values and experiment. The senses expressed the interaction, while the performances with and within translate the movements, and the materials voiced the object as the body in space. Distinctive case studies and conduct experiments will be discussed, naming moving stone, total control, dial and redial, which all have a numerical value whether it is scripted and manually executed, are related to the interaction of movements in space. The actions are the progression of art and architecture, the special contemplation place in the experiment with performers, while if the temperament has resilience, emerging or disjunction approach. The intention is to commune into the interacting system of this globalized world. But different location, different environment, and different culture have influenced on design, on thinking, and about the process itself in different ways. Innovation becomes a trend to create parametric design and scripting rather than considering these as a process.

As an architect, I don't want to mediate with my designed design process, but I want to balance it in an approach of mediation! The concern is, What ought to be the practice for this mediating voyage?