Avhi’s Flight

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By Janet Johnson Anderson

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 228

WINNER, National Indie Book Awards for Best Women's Fiction. FINALIST, International Book Awards for Best Multicultural Fiction.
WINNER, Beverly Hills Book Awards for Best Multicultural Fiction. FINALIST, American Fiction Awards for Best Women's Fiction.

From a remote corner of Nepal's countryside, fourteen-year-old Avhi Tharu says a prayer for Mr. Singh. She has been promised to him in marriage. Instead, she clubs him in the head and flees with his ox and cart from the village. Days later, she slips through a mountain pass and into the lives of fellow travelers en route to Pokhara, and Kathmandu. On the run, uncertain who to trust, and how to reconcile the past, Avhi's encounter with girls and young women at the Thank Kot Center, stirs her to discover a purpose beyond herself.

Avhi's Flight is a beautiful and bittersweet adventure. Its story weaves together the complex threads of one girl's search for wholeness, the reckoning of lives left behind, and a culture's disregard for its women. Like the nonfiction bestseller Half The Sky, this important piece of fiction aligns with a central moral challenge of our time.

"If you're interested in women standing up for women, then this is a must-read."
---Bonnie Roberts 
Contributing Writer, The Huffington Post; Fellow in Verse, Dublin; 
Nat'l Endowment for the Humanities Scholar, Paris; Fulbright Scholar, Turkey

"This book highlights the sad realities that accompany women and their children in Nepal on a daily basis. It is an eye-opening story about how profound gender-based injustices are common practices in Nepal. The purpose of the Women's Foundation of Nepal is to tackle these issues by raising awareness of them, and empowering women with their rights."
---Renu Sharma 
President, The Women's Foundation of Nepal

About the Author

Janet Johnson Anderson is an author and regular contributing writer to dozens of literary publications. She has been an award-winning poet for several decades, and has taught poetry workshops to K-12 students in public school systems. She enjoyed a lengthy career in advertising and has remained a marketing consultant and freelance writer. She is both an advocate for the special needs population, and for women and girls worldwide where there is a lack of resources to combat poverty, sexual trafficking, slavery, injustice, and lack of educational opportunities.

As a former board member with an organization at work in Nepal, her goal in writing Avhi's Flight is to offer insight about the difficult life many Nepali women and girls face every day.

Born and raised along Chicago's North Shore, she lives in Huntsville, AL, is married, and has two grown daughters.