Blue Scorpion - Last Flight of the Ancients

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By Karen S Lee

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 348

Few women in Simas would take up hard labor, and very few would wield a weapon. So when Evanna settled in the outpost, Drone, standing up to the warlord Salem’s men with a weapon and earning her living as a blacksmith, she drew the attention of many from near and far. Among those who heard her renown were the crown prince of Simas and his high knight who were traveling the area on another assignment. Their unexpected visit to Drone brought about changes in fortune for this forlorn outpost, and Evanna took on a commission upon their invitation in the royal palace for the king’s birthday. In the palace, she forged friendships with the jovial Sir Torias, the playful but mysterious Sir Matthias, and the noble Sir Endor and learned the story of her past. In the city, she met an old beggar who had the blood of the Nephilim in him, sitting at the palace gates. But the wheels of the age were turning fast, and things were not always as they appeared. A seemingly diplomatic visit from a princess of the neighboring kingdom of Adar turned into an encounter with the murderer of Evanna’s mother many years ago. The thwarting of the Adarian coup was only the beginning of revelations of the terrible plans of an ancient enemy who most thought was dead. As Simas and its allies became embroiled in the war in their region, Evanna returned to the remnant of her people to raise them to battle and revive the old alliances. Leading five Simasian representatives through the forest into the mountains where her people were hiding, the secret that Evanna had been keeping was finally revealed. And with this alliance, she journeyed toward a battle toward the twisted plot of deception and bloodshed that would unravel in the very city where she was the rightful queen.

About the Author

Born in Hong Kong, and raised in Australia, Karen Lee now lives in Sydney with her husband, Bernard. From a young age, she has nurtured a passion for writing fiction and poetry and enjoys nothing more than a good book with a good, strong coffee in hand. Drawing inspiration from her faith, and the story that has been given her, she explores worldviews, philosophies and motivations through fantasy and fiction. Her prayer is that her writing will touch someone and transport them along a journey and adventure.