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By David A.J. Richards

About the Book

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Boys’ Secrets and Men’s Loves is the memoir of a law professor who has written over twenty books on the basic rights of American constitutionalism. He has been a prominent advocate of gay rights and feminism, which joins men and women in resistance. A gay man born into an Italian American family in New Jersey, he relates in this book his own experience on how the initiation of boys into patriarchy inflicts trauma, leading them to mindlessly accept patriarchal codes of masculinity, and how (through art, philosophy, and experience—including mutual love) he and others (straight and gay men) come to join women in resisting patriarchy through the discovery of how deeply it harms men as well as women.

About the Author

David A.J. Richards is Edwin D. Webb Professor of Law at New York University, where he has taught Constitutional Law and Criminal Law for forty-five years and co-taught a seminar Resisting Injustice with the developmental psychologist Carol Gilligan as well as a seminar Retributivism on Criminal Justice (Shakespeare) with the psychiatrist Jim Gilligan. He has written over twenty books on the basic rights of American constitutionalism, including his prominent defense of gay rights and a feminism which joins men and women in resisting patriarchy (his work on gay rights was prominently cited by the Indian Supreme Court decision recently recognizing gay rights as human rights). He lives in New York City with his partner of forty-five years, Donald Levy.