Break the Cycle

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By Ros B

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 108

Kayleigh, a woman of faith, shares her journey of heart break through a difficult marriage and a painful divorce. She meets and falls in love with a married man who proceeds to divorce his wife and marry her. She believed his lies and allowed him to manipulate her into a long-term relationship. She learns quickly that what goes around comes back around. Just as he cheated with her, he cheats on her. She was the mistress, then the wife, now she's the ex-wife, too. Her faith in God and her renewed relationship with Him, however, bring her through the storm of her own making, and she is made whole again.

About the Author

Ros B loves to listen to music, to read novels or magazines, and to watch movies drama, action, comedy. She loves the beach! She loves walks in the park or on nature trails, and to travel and explore new places and things.

She shares a painful story of an extramarital affair, marriage, and divorce and the victorious outcome. She wants other women to learn from Kayleigh's mistakes and to make wiser choices in their relationships. She also wants the brokenhearted to know they can be healed and learn to love again. If he needs a side chick, it's not because you're not woman enough; it's because he's not man enough. He's not man enough to love you, to respect you, and to honor you as the beautiful, extraordinary woman you are!