Brexit Demise of Great Britain

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By Ernie Hasler

About the Book

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The book is set in the modern background of United Kingdom locations and time frames, including prominent figures in the political and criminal world, where the distinction at Westminster between public service and personal gain is very grey.

Anglo-Saxon governments are probably the most successful war machine and criminal enterprise in modern human history, and they are selfish in the extreme. This is evidenced by the fact that in the year 2016, 1 per cent of the world?s population owns 99 per cent of its wealth, and although in resource-rich parts of the world the rich may be ethnic, many of the rich 1 per cent are of Anglo-Saxon descent. Yet the working classes remain decent, family-orientated subjects loyal to this ruthless hierarchal class system.

This exciting, fascinating political thriller is fictitious, and persons in this work are merely background features; the author uses gypsies as a metaphor for all displaced peoples.

It explores many fascinating truths and facts suppressed and falsified by church and state. Any resemblances to literal events or actions by people, living or dead, are entirely fictitious, but the story certainly has a ring of truth to those who can perceive double dealing through the fog of clever national and international propaganda.

About the Author

Ernie Hasler began working for the Ministry of Defense at Royal Ordnance in Bishopton, Scotland, when he was sixteen.
From his beginnings as an apprentice engineer, he retired fifty-one years later as a health and safety advisor. He was the first advisor in Scotland to earn the NEBOSH diploma in environmental management.
For years, Hasler funded the Plant Tree Save Planet charity, mainly with support from his two sisters, although his work colleagues also gave donations on his birthday. The financial donations helped women in poor nations start their own tree nurseries. The charity closed when age and poor health prevented him from properly vetting recipients. He continues funding tree planting through Trees for the Future. For example, in 2016, he funded the planting of 20,400 seedlings through Trees for the Future and continues to do so. His aim is to fund the planting of 100,000 trees.
Hasler has been a voluntary trustee with Emmaus Glasgow for two decades, helping the organization transform from a concept into a thriving community of twenty-seven previously homeless people.
Emmaus Glasgow now match Hasler?s giving to Trees for the Future.
Hasler steering friends boat past the lair of the nuclear monsters on the River Clyde.