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By T.K. Jones

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 366

Broc is the story of a 19th Century African American Western. A 12year old slave boy escapes the South. Broc is discovered near death off a Pennsylvania roadside by an aging Chinese laundry merchant and former Shaolin Monk.

The kindly old man nurses Broc to health and raises him as his own son. He teaches him reading, writing and Kung Fu. At 16 Broc fights in the Civil War. At war?s end he returns home a man of 18.
Mr. Quan sick with consumption lie dying. He languishes in agonizing memory of his 2 kidnaped daughters sold as sex slaves in California years ago.

Willing to risk his very life simply for love of the old man the war harden young cowboy rides dangerous frontier trails Westward bound atop his black stallion. He travels with deadly weapons fighting skills and burning determination to rescue the girls.

About the Author

Born into an African American blue collar family with 6 siblings. I was the 4th child. Life was a struggle of minimum wage parents during the Civil Rights movement.

I was a child of low self-esteem, little confidence and I stuittered with poor reading skills. I struggled to get through High School and join the U.S. Army soon thereafter. A failed marriage but produced 5 beautiful children and grandchildren.

Attended College and Technical Schools on the G.I. Bill. Have drafting design and healthcare backgrounds. Semi-retired but work on a per-diem basis. Hobbies include drawing, sketching, design and writing.

Although I do not have a literary back ground I am mostly self-itaught because I enjoy exploring the world through reading, search engines, documentaries, cultures and jeopardy.