Come...Sit in My Heart

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By Hosain Mosavat

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 146

I have come from you
for we are born within each other
This book is written 
about merging in the end
All that separates us is artificial

Just like looking at a rose: 
Every eye
no matter what color, race, creed or religion
whether poor, rich, Pope or Prophet
will see the same beauty and intensity in that rose

And to me
that rose is the source of our lives
That is what brings us together
That is where we come from
and that is where we go to

Let us realize that rose for each other.

About the Author

Born in Shiraz, Iran, 1934, where Saadi and Hafez grew up to be giants of Persian poetry. Raised in Tehran. Survived the first revolution in 1953 against the Shah. Within three days, a coup d'etat happened, financed by the CIA, which I didn't survive, because of losing fifteen friends. Also lost faith in my country. Then in 1955, with the help of my father, came to America, in which I have lived, worked and served to bring peace and harmony, trying to heal the pain and losses of my friends and my country. This book is about how far I have come from revolution to making love as a way of life. I have no regrets, only great hope for our family of mankind. No one is too small to rise and touch another soul. In the name of love and compassion, I stand before you.