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By R. A. Burke

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 392

Escaping from a long-since-decimated world and reality, a young woman named Lily heartbreakingly realizes the lie that has been her life. Yet as she slowly starts to understand the false reality trapping her, it begins to immediately fall apart and crumble around her.

Eventually she wakes up after an indefinite amount of time hidden away from the world, and no futuristic landscape greets her upon arrival. Instead, she discovers that the real world had once again become a place of magic and that this return of magic is the product of a cataclysmic event only referred to as the Second Collapse, of which no one knows the slightest thing about, nor what caused it in the first place.

In this new world, nothing makes sense as Lily finds out that myths and legends are apparently just far-off history that played out behind the scenes. There are rooms that obey her commands, a forest that tries to kill her, rebels that want her dead merely for being human, and a secret prophesy that holds the fate of the world hostage. And unbeknownst to our hero, she?s stuck in the middle of everything.

About the Author

Wishing for an escape from the trivial to the fantastical, "the author" decided to pursue a life of writing. There, he could build worlds, forge stories, and carve the outlines for a next generation of imagination.