Cristofo Wizard of Earth

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By Dino Pietrobon

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 382

An age-old wizard narrates this coming-of-age tale that is set on earth during a previously transpired epoch of time.

Follow along with Cristofo, a sharp-minded and exceptionally skilled young prodigy who can do little to suppress his excitement when he hears of an impending visit from one of his grandfather?s longtime friends who just so happens to be a venerated wizard of the highest repute.

Bewilderment takes hold of the seasoned conjurer as well as the starry-eyed youngster when the two eventually come face-to-face, and the boy?s remarkable nature and irrepressible spirit comes to reveal an inevitability that simply cannot be ignored.

And so, at the onset of their initial encounter, it is determined without question that a wizardly vocation would be Cristofo?s destiny. And the rest is history as adventures and fiercely savage battles abound, wherein the affluent and supremely trained young champion associates with and encounters a wide assortment of creatures and characters of variegated origins, qualities, and kinds.

Immerse yourself into the fantastical storytelling, where a new and refreshing vitality is breathed into the admittedly underdeveloped genre on wizards. This is a whimsical work of fiction written in a Tolkien-inspired style and with a middle earth?resembling flavor and feel.