Dating with the Fear of God!

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By Rosnell Simmons

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 114

Dating with the fear of God is a true, heartwarming story of the journey of a couple whose dating relationship was being directed by God. It is written from a serious perspective, with lighthearted moments.

This book will show you who to eliminate, as well as how to select the best marriage partner for yourself; while simultaneously building a very deep, committed and rewarding relationship with God.

It is both enlightening and inspiring as you watch the hands of God shape, unveil, mature and strengthen this couple each step of the way.

Acts 10: 34 says, ?God is no respecter of persons?. Meaning, He does not show favoritism or is impartial to anyone. By reading this book you can come away with the same wonderful life transforming experience that this couple ultimately enjoys.

About the Author

Rosnell Simmons has experienced the hands of God in every aspect of her life, and is often referred to by her sibling as the "Miracle Sister!". She has witnessed Him as protector, deliverer, healer, provider, counselor...and the list goes on.

Rosnell is a fighter! Not only has God brought her through many daunting and life threatening experiences, He has also enabled her to see and share, that there is absolutely no experience encountered, that can be deemed 'wasted' in our lives when we are being led by Him.

She is deeply passionate about the things of God and believes without a doubt that there is no need, situation or circumstance that He cannot successfully navigate us through.

She is a Writer, Author, Speaker, Lecturer and Business Woman. Married to her husband, Howard 'Shannon' for nearly 28 years, they are the proud parents of sons Shaquille Asher Kheersan and Judah Azzari Tegan. Educated at the Masters level, she has traveled extensively and enjoys the many friendships that are formed along the way.