DE-SEXED, A Genderless World.

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About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 166

To Live, is to Die, and Then Live Again. . .

This book is not about apocalypse. Nor is it about the invasion of aliens. In fact, it's not even fiction. Ben Tariri's Desexed takes you to a place, where you have never been, but always longed to be, a place, where the end is truly the beginning of something breathtakingly phenomenal. As you will see, we all relate to the concept of this book in one form or another. This book is about life, death, and afterlife, and about life again...

This could happen, and when it does, we should be prepared. What if the end of the world came in in the form of this?!

About the Author

Benjamin Behnam Tariri is a free-lance author in Boston, Massachusetts. He has three sons, and lives with his family. Ben is also a practicing attorney.