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By Dr. Rodwell Rillen

About the Book

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The information in the book is intended to enlighten young people about the trials and tribulations in one's life and how to deal with them by learning from the experiences of others to be successful in life and, when the chips are down, to continue to focus on one's career goal/s to uplift oneself and keep going until that goal is met. Too many of our young people want too many things too fast in life without putting in the hard work.

Corruption is the word of today, and young people have to believe in themselves
to go down the straight and narrow road in life but with the help from others and some type of spiritual belief to receive that help. It is for them to understand that the devil is a busy guy and loves to see bad things happen to people, even though such things can turn out to be lucrative but they never last and just make one's life miserable.

About the Author

I grew up in the city of Georgetown, Guyana. My passion has always been sports, mainly the game of cricket. I attended Tutorial High School in Georgetown, Guyana. After graduation, I set myself goals of achievement for my future life. My first goal was to be an international cricketer by twenty-five and, if that didn't work out, to be a certified accountant.
I worked with the Ministry of Agriculture as a veterinary pharmaceutical clerk. So when my cricketing career didn't materialized as expected, I started to concentrate on my accounting career. But a bad experience with the accounting field led me to choose veterinary medicine as an alternative.
I was subjected to offers of bribery and corruption, with threats made to my life when I refused, but my faith kept me going.
I never took ?no? for an answer, and any misfortune never deterred me toward my goal in life. So I would like to enlighten young people with my experiences for them to believe in themselves to achieve their goals in life without falling prey to the numerous predators in today's society.