Decimate and Deception

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By Gayle R. Dycus

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 156

This book is about murder and mayhem:


A Tortured Child: This book is about a little girl, Daija, that was tortured by her mom and her mom's boyfriend;


A Horrible Crime: A young lady, Shelly, who was trusting and that trusting and because of her trusting, it didn't end well for Shelly;


If Andrea Would Have Listened: Andrea, started hanging with the wrong crowd and it cost her. . .dearly;


The Old Man: Three teenage boys hanging out, not going to school. All they do is play video games and get high. Rumor on the street was an old man that lived in the neighborhood had money. They broke into his home and it didn't end well;


Mr. Ernest: Mr. Ernest is a widower and was dying of cancer. He was also a nice man. He was depressed, his niece convinces him to move to a Senior Citizen Community. Mr. Ernest was happy. . . he was finally happy, but his happiness didn't last long;


Her Ex: Keisha was in a bad relationship with her boyfriend Mark. Keisha was tired of Mark beating on her, she was ready to leave, but she was now pregnant with his child. Keisha had enough. She stopped taking his phone calls and she paid the ultimate price;


Anaya's Hell: Anaya was a pretty, nice young lady from India. She came to the States with her mother to visit her brother who was in college. When it was time to go back to India, Anaya's mom had other plans for her. Anaya didn't know but her mother had other plans for Anaya. She arranged a pre-arranged marriage without Anaya's knowledge. Her mom told Anaya and her brother they were invited to a friend of their mother that she met two years ago when she came to visit her brother. After being at her mom's friends home for about an hour, her mother's friend told everybody she had an announcement to make. Anaya and her nephew, Vihaan, would be married. . .tonight! Anaya was shocked! Anaya begged to go back home, but her mother told her that the marriage was already planned and Anaya would marry Vihaan. Anaya was living hell or earth;


His Selfishness: Taylor decided she had had enough of Clifford. She was tired of Clifford beating her. Clifford was not ready to end the relationship though. It didn't go well for Taylor;


Just Too Much: Tamara was a stay-at-home mom. Her husband convinced her to go out this particular night, to enjoy herself. Tamara called her sister and her three best friends. They had a good time. Tamara had too much of a good time and when it was time to go home, Tamara's sister asked her to let her drive. Tamara said she was fine, but Tamara wasn't fine. Tamara was drunk and it didn't end well for her, her sister and her friends.

About the Author

Gayle R. Dycus worked for ten years as a homicide paralegal and six years as a special crimes paralegal at the prosecutor's office. As a special crimes paralegal, she worked on homicide and homicide cold cases as well as high profile, baby death, sex trafficking, human trafficking and drunk driving causing death cases.