Failure as a Wife, Woman and Mother

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By Olsie Ekleberry

About the Book

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Growing up the ninth of eleven children in a loving family, as the daughter of a Plymouth brethren minister, Olsie Ekleberry feels she’s on display and cannot live up to anyone’s expectations. She goes off to college and because she was too protected, she is vulnerable. She marries the first man that shows an interest, has four children, and realizes her husband is abusive and mentally unstable as he dubbed her, “A failure as a Wife, Woman and Mother.” Finally she leaves him, but has no child support or financial backing of any kind. How does she go from living in a garage, worrying about feeding four children, to buying two accounting firms, investing money and lending more than $1 million to people who don’t qualify otherwise. How does a woman who divorces one husband and buries two find her faith, her path and friendships?

About the Author

Starting out a protected minister’s daughter was very difficult. It felt like living in a glass cage. The expectations of perfection I had set for myself, was unattainable. As a result, I tried to please fellow Christians instead of the Lord. Of course, this was impossible. By the time I entered college, I had lost my love of attending church. Marrying the first man who showed an interest against the Lord’s will and advice of my father, was the biggest mistake of my life. I obtained an accounting degree by attending night school, worked long hours, paid off my home, credit cards and eventually owned two accounting firms. The following years were a story of the Lord’s faithfulness throughout, including the great struggle to support my children, though I wasn’t faithful to Him, He was faithful to me. I had enjoyed the Lord’s blessing and it was time to give some back. I now had more than I needed to retire.