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By Betty Fox Cooper, PhD

About the Book

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The author Betty Cooper, for almost sixty years, facilitated professional and community classes and programs—peace, personal and family development, social justice, etc. This way of life abruptly stopped on March 13, 2018, with the death of her husband of sixty-two years. Bewildered by the depth of pain, she recalled her teen years, a period when she overcame physical and emotional challenges through interactions with caring people, education, and service activities. This prompted her to volunteer at a day-care center and participate in five travel bus tours. Although her ritual of journaling, reading, praying, meditating, and reflecting had continued, her life turned around as a result of an intensive/extensive contemplation of the past. While contemplating life experiences, she saw how families had not only been vital to her, but were also our society’s change agents. Feelings of gratitude became overwhelming as she saw the love, compassion, and encouragement given to her through the years yet previously overlooked. This process created natural highs, restoring her to wholeness and wellness. The book covers her journey of moving from grief to joy, from sadness to happiness, from malfunctioning to functioning and finding life is enriching and invigorating. She invites you to embark on your journey to experiencing joy as you awaken to the gifts you received while living and experiencing each day’s events. Her wish is for your journey to be one providing fulfillment and enrichment.

About the Author

Betty F. Cooper completed a BS and an MA in home economics and a PhD in psychology. She taught home economics (twenty-four years), directed an Adlerian Family Education Center, taught courses there and at an area university, while completing graduate studies (ten years), then taught psychology and sociology (twenty-seven years). One objective remaining constant even in her work today is to strengthen and support individuals and families.
Awards: home economics (inducted into honorary society (1956), silver compote from teachers’ association, (1978), school district, a diamond and gold necklace,(1983),
Southeast State University Outstanding Alumna Award, 1987
Who’s Who Listings, 1988, 1998, 2000, 2004
People First, 2005
National Council of State Sociological Associations, 2005
Missouri Sociological Association Service Award, 2014
Betty F. Cooper completed two research studies and obtained needed strategic understandings: (1) evaluated high school home economics programs (master’s thesis) creating needed curriculum changes and (2) searching the meaning of work provided a surety about the need for a positive socialization process and the needed relational experiences to create a sense of belonging.
Peace Studies is her avocation of consistent and passionate work to promote a culture of peace in our society and worldwide and create programs to help create a better world for everyone. Since 2008, she has campaigned to establish a department of peacebuilding; facilitated ongoing study groups for parenting education, peace, nonviolent communication, and spirituality; developed a peace studies certificate program for a university (2017). Her lifelong work has been inside three vital institutions: family, church/spirituality, and school. Her husband of sixty-two years supported, encouraged, and assisted her in all activities until his death in 2018.