Finding that Warmth in the Frosty Nights

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By Roshana Nazari Kirchhofer

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 108

• The book shared poems of all topics of life: Love, romantic relationships, pleasurable time and discoveries, heart wrenching separations, self-growth, self-reflections pertaining to separations, family bonds, stubborn ill patients, motivation to strive, positive energy for daily bases, inner struggles, common society issues, emotional agony and abuse, hobbies like hiking, advice and bedtime stories for children to aid with their peaceful sleep and build their imaginations and vocabularies.

About the Author

Author is ROSHANA NAZARI KIRCHHOFER. I have always adored reading poems of all Genres. Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare are my main inspirations. I write poems for family, friends and work policy and procedure protocols. My family, friends, managers, and my coworkers love my work and encouraged me in many occasions to publish a book and share them with the world. My poem contents are inspired by my life instances, my friends experiences and voices that I represent for them, my career as Emergency Room Registered Nurse, my husband and 2 year old adorable son. I find peace and joy in writing poems. Poems to me does not need music, they are sufficient and rich all on their own. Poems are also seem to me as though they are dancing like the powerful ocean waves. I conceptually visualize poems and I Just feel the flow, the aroma, the love, the calmness, the strength, the beauty, and hidden and vivid messages in each and every poem I read or I write. I hope my audiences are as impacted as I am with the art of poetry and pleased with my passionate work.