Five substantial Steps and more... For success in the world of sales

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By Faisal Bin Ali

About the Book

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What are the five steps to success? Who is the successful salesman? What are the main points to follow to be a successful salesman? What are the sales profession's privileges as compared to other professions? What are the client's rights on the salesman? What does duplication of loyalty to the salesman mean? What are a salesman's daily tasks (fourteen achievements)?

About the Author

Faisal BinAli started his career as a clerk in the procurement management in the government sector, and began his life in the private sector as sales man for a company that is specialized in mobile phone products and services, then he graduated in jobs as follows:

Branch Supervisor
• Support Specialist sales.
• Specialist audit and follow-up.
• Commercial Operations Specialist - individuals.
• Head of Quality Assurance Specialists.
• Director of Eastern Region Sales.
• Commercial Operations Specialist - Business.
• Marketing and development consultant for bouquets landline and optical fiber.
• Projects manager