Free Energy

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By Lexa Gibson

About the Book

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Trish Adams never imagined her new job at Audlin Motors would alter her life trajectory so profoundly. It was there she met, fellow design engineer, Solomon Voss. He, quite incidentally, invents a technology that could potentially change the course of human history. An invention that gets the unwanted attention of corporations that stand to lose billions if Solomon's invention were to be revealed to the world. The unscrupulous oil giant - Glaxon - is the first of the corporations to put measures in place to steal Solomon's technology. To hide it away in a secret underground warehouse, where it will only gather dust, never to see the light of day. But is that enough? Trish teams up with Roberta Voss, Solomon's sister, as they are embroiled in a high stakes game of cat and mouse as attempts are made to erase the invention, and eventually the inventor, from existence.

About the Author

Hi fellow reader,

I've recently written a conspiracy thriller novel called: Free Energy. My pen name is Lexa Gibson and I am a Fitter and Turner by trade who works in the engineering industry. In the interest of writing what I know, the story involves an engineer who invents an electric car that self-charges, making it a true free energy device.
As an avid inventor myself, I have conceived of an idea on how to engineer such a car, though it's still at design stage and likely wouldn't work properly as a free energy device, like the one depicted in the novel. I had always wondered what would happen if my design concept were to work as advertised. I could imagine a scenario wherein the oil giants or electricity providers would stand to lose a significant amount of money if someone were to invent a true electric car. In my paranoid imagination, I considered the possibility that they would be motivated by greed to get rid of the invention. Perhaps even the inventor!
With that thought in mind I wrote a totally fictional story about that very premise. As an amateur writer, this is my first attempt at writing a novel. I really hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Lexa Gibson