From Prison Cell to Millionaire

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By Franz Szawronski

About the Book

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Anyone who starts reading this book will think it is a biography, but this book is much more than that. It is the conjugation of a life of experiences and anecdotes with the sole objective of helping those who are in a difficult situations, in drugs, crime or jail. It is a compilation of real-life stories that serve as an example and motivation to continue struggling, to convince us that in life, despite difficulties and challenges there is always a positive solution to any situation, no matter what.
It is a book for brave people willing to get out of their problems and achieve all their goals. God gave us many gifts and virtues and many of those virtues are tacitly within this book by way of examples, stories and anecdotes of the author's real life, to plan a better future, be successful and never give up!

About the Author

Franz is characterized by many people of being a simple, humble, big-hearted and a very friendly person. Work and family are two of his greatest treasures and even though, he always has many things on his plate, but his children and wife have a very special space in his life and heart and he always makes time for them every day.
From a very young age, he knew what life on the street was and he was involved in many problems and legal problems when he was a child. Over the years, he learned how to focus the knowledge that he learned and apply it to everyday business and in turn, he is now one of the most successful businessman on the East Coast and has several businesses and oversees these businesses and corporations directly. He leads by example and because of this all that he does seems to prosper.
Both, his desk and head are full of work and projects to develop and be better every day. His community and the people around him are at every step and every new business venture that he incurs. His commitment is to help and give back to people and let everyone know that anything is possible with hard-work and perseverance