Good Night, Baby, Good Night

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By Harriett Watson

About the Book

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Good Night, Baby, Good Night can get your healthy Baby to sleep through the night as early as seven to eight weeks old. Are you expecting a baby or have a new baby? You or someone you know, would love to avoid the interrupted sleep and sleep deprivation you have heard so much about, with a new baby or babies in the house. You will find my step-by-step process quick and easy to follow, not a lengthy philosophy or psychology of training Baby to sleep. It can work for older babies as well. My training offers what money can’t buy: sleeping through the night for Baby and you, positive parenting skills, and confidence in your ability as a parent. It also promotes positive behaviors in Baby and contributes to years of good sleep habits for your child. Let “Good Night, Baby, Good Night” rock you and Baby to sleep!

About the Author

Harriett Madayo Watson is the mother of two who helped raise five other children in her family. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida and Maryland with a master’s degree in Counseling Education. Parent coaching is her first love and she resides in Windsor Mill, MD