Guilty but Forgiven

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By Somi Omowo

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 190

Separate lives, broken hearts, and struggles. Separate pasts, but destiny drives two hearts in a journey that explores forgiveness and how far each is willing to go to forgive. Can forgiveness really be total irrespective of what the past is filled with? What is forgivable and what is not? Can forgiveness really be all encompassing or are there no-go areas? Betrayal, denial, murder, and unjust imprisonment—can they all just be forgiven like that? Can Gbemi and Leke discover strength to forgive others and then forgive themselves?

About the Author

Somi Omowo is a medical doctor working and living out of Perth Western Australia. He writes with a heart about God’s love. Guilty But Forgiven is his first book and it explores forgiveness, our understanding or sometimes lack of it and how simple it is. It shows how easily we hold onto guilt and how so easily God forgives us when we ask out of a sincere heart. It asks a simple question- how far does forgiveness really go?