Heirs of Deceits

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By Elizabeth Reinach

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 242

The novel is set in the late Victorian period in England. It concerns conflicts in attitude to social class and destitution and religion. The central character is Sir Gilbert Stanley, Tory politician and great landowner. Like many rich men, he had taken peasant mistresses in his youth, later abandoning them with no means of support. These women all died evil deaths, and the children were placed in the workhouse. Sir Gilbert longed secretly for these children and watched their progress to adulthood. Unaware he was their father, the children became absorbed into his household as servants. He favoured them, and their status became ambiguous. The outside world was horrified, and the household imploded. Murder and chaos followed.

About the Author

After a long career in social policy, as a researcher, I became interested in creative writing in retirement. I am an active member of local writing groups, and had a play on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
I live in a building in Aberdeen which was once a nineteenth century asylum. I have yet to trap the ghosts.