How to Get the Best Head

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By Anette Bloch Jespersen

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 310

Have you had enough of being a slave of your emotions? If you want to be the master of your destiny, this is the manual for our times and for you—the essential guide to humanity. This book is accessible to everyone and anyone who dares to step outside the box to challenge who they are. An enjoyable, readable style with a constant source of ideas mixed with thought-provoking and challenging concepts. This book will take you across the ocean of science, religion, philosophy, psychology, sociology, space, and time, through the study of the mind. It is a remarkable pioneering exploration of the mirror neuron. Filled with autobiographical personal anecdotes, How to Give the Best Head places the author under the microscope, exposing “Who am I?” You will also recognise yourself in these stories and gain insight into your own behaviour. It is an immensely inspiring book that will transform the way we view ourselves, others, the world, human nature, and our potential. “This book will change your life—an indispensable guide written through stories we can all relate to, a must-read” (Chris Burton, BA Sociology/Philosophy, LLB Law).