I Am a Survivor

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By Janice E. Holliman

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 296

This book is about the life of the author. It focuses on her faith, her hope, and her endurance during the years of her illness. In this true story, you will learn the how and why about the effects that changed her family’s life—the author’s Crohn’s disease, the fourteen blood clots, toxic gut syndrome, colitis, tumors, ulcers, vertigo, weight gain and loss, pregnancies, the many surgeries, and how her body would not wake up after some of her surgeries. Having COPD, asthma, sleep apnea, allergies, an enlarge heart, heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, hernia, broken toes, swelling, flatlined, everyday fluid build-up, gallstones, a broken back, a broken neck, and surgery for Crohn’s disease, she was almost paralyzed. Not only that, she had bypass and skin removal due to mold. This book discusses all these and the loss of everything for forty years from the mold and much more.

About the Author

The Author has gone through so much in life like many different illnesses, accidents, trials and much more. She talks about how and why she keep beating the odds. What she talks about most of all is what it takes for her to keep fighting all the everythings she have faced and still facing. She tells how her view of life helps her to be a survival. She tells how and why her learning about and getting to know herself and her body keep saving her, where she started the healing process first. She wrote this book because she felt that it would help so many by her encouragement. She talks about her Faith, her Hope, and her Endurance. She uses Poems, True Stories, Pictures, and Videos Links where you can see her personally. Where you can learn her personality, the why she is who she is. You will have wows, ohhs, what's, how's, and I can't believe it and many laughs.