I Still Have Nothing to Say … so I Write

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By Ken Skoby

About the Book

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Softcover 5.5x8.5 226

When to come, when to go, time goes by.
Live today, or try to grow, time will fly.
Don’t worry of the little things,
a word, a view, the strife.
Focus on the best of it,
the elegance of life.
In his first collection of thought-provoking and occasionally humorous writings, Ken Skoby invites us to join him on a voyage within to explore his poems and thoughts while hopefully creating our own.
Skoby shares lyrical insights and original drawings that range from the deep to the whimsical and touch on diverse topics such as the struggle within, the bond of trust, the tranquility surrounding a lake, the storms of the heart, innocent love, and the meandering rain that transforms into a rainbow dream. Included are playful haikus and other writings that lead others on a journey through Skoby’s life and heart as he reflects on nature, love, and everything in between.
I Still Have Nothing to Say … so I Write shares poems and other writings that explore a variety of topics while encouraging all of us to remember that life is never perfect.

About the Author

Ken is profoundly influenced by nature and will always keep searching for knowledge and wisdom. He admits at times he has been intensely confused… but never lost.
Ken continues to reflect upon the questions, marvels and humor in his life while residing in the wonder-filled state of Maine.