If I Hold You In My Teardrop

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By Hosain Mosavat

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 194

A vast heart
is my hermitage
Listening to an evening rain
is my music
If one comes to visit
and asks of the future
A tranquil heart is all I can offer



About the Author

I was separated from my mother. You call it birth; I call it my first step to begin. I went on to grow out of diapers ~ no longer needed breast-feeding. Totally engulfed in toys and playing Hide and Seek. Hid from my parents to get away with things and sought knowledge of how not to get caught too often. Went to school, learned things ~ bad things, good things, in between things. When I finished high school, my father sent me to school in America ~ Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan. Learned things, began to realize that everything you touch is one step higher than just eating, sleeping and learning to get good grades. I began to realize that I have a space ~ not only to learn, but to teach. I taught poetry in Physics and Mathematics classes. I befriended small smart students and not-so-smart ones. And with some I carry the friendship even today.

All the above were engraved in me by the environment I grew up in. My mother was the center of it all, my father was the protector and my friends supported me. And I am indebted to them all for 12 whom I have become. Today I am the collection of all who have loved me and taught me, fed me, sang to me, listened to my songs and put me to sleep at night, preparing me for a new day of breathing in the universe and breathing out friendship. This is my life, my story, my biography. I don't really care for details ~ the details of the time of my birth, where I went to school, what degrees I had or what glories I went through. The real biography belongs to those who brought me to this earth and some day will take me from this earth.