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By Mick E. Jones

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 300

A moment—a scant sliver of time—into which the breath of life may be shared with another. One moment leads to another moment, and a string of moments creates Time. In time we see, we hear, we act, and we judge. We compare, we look for, we establish. Some of the time in excellence; some of the time in mediocrity. Each moment is important to the fullness of time. One moment poorly spent will inflict upon the remainder a taint hard to erase. A moment well spent will endue a lifetime of joy. Ultimately, it is one’s life in all its deviations. The observations and the experiences openly shared and confessed in truth and spirit. In the Moment It Is Written!
In this moment, I have created a combination of events, thoughts, questions, reflections, and interactions that produce and give greater meaning and a deeper reverence for my personal relationship with God—Our Father. These influences have empowered me with a deeper perception of my purpose, In the Moment.

About the Author

Does it take a character to create compelling characters?
No, but it helps, and Mick E. Jones is one and has
plenty—of character, that is.
An accomplished athlete, actor, author, singer, inspirational
speaker, poet, and all-around fascinating talent, Mick E. is
an amazing source for spiritual guidance of all kinds to all
walks of life. His joie de vivre is infectious and should be
required reading, viewing, or listening for the informed and
inquisitive modern mind.