Internet Love with Affair

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By Ken Edward

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 90

The book is about Ellen home in Paris staying with her husband who is having an affair with other ladies and lying about it , she decides to go on a internet love site to see if she can find someone in the world, she came across a male Charlie who charmed her. After twelve month Ellen thought he was the man, she started to save money and sell as many of her belongs that had value , cashed in her life insurance to buy a ticket to fly to Melbourne to meet Charlie in person . Six month went by found that Charlie had an affair with two ladies and the texts messengers that followed by one lady Jenny and text messengers on Charlie phone from Liz. Ellen became hostility against all three when she asked Charlie denied everything, until Jenny toled Ellen that she had sex in the back seat of the car around midnight while he was collecting for charity at a shopping car park. Jenny was told by Charlie he was staying at Liz place for up to six hours on Monday each week. Jenny was text Ellen up to five times a day , Ellen formed the opinion that Jenny wanted Charlie for her self as she was single, looking for a partner. It got so bad that Charlie put his hands around Ellen throat and said he could easy kill you and nobody would care.

Charlie work for a charity which went sour as he was not paying properly and taking out tax but was giving to the tax man. They left Melbourne to go to Cairns Queensland and were in floods, Charlie has became Ellen love of his life. They are struggling to make ends meet, Ellen mother has died, her father and sister said you are in Australia and we can not help you which she feels abandoned by her family in Paris. A couple of good friends in Australia makes her feel good if it was not for them she has said she would be better of dead.

About the Author

After  knowing  at  least  six  people  came  from  other  countries and  when  arriving  in  Australia,  their  love  ones  where  going  very  well,  after  four years  things  seam  to  go  wrong.  The  partner  does  not  want  them  around  anymore,  language  problem seem  to  be  if  they  are coming  from  Asia  and  send  money  back  to  parents  so  they  can  live  more  comfortable. Sometimes  it  can  be  parents who  do  not  agree  with  their  daughter  or  son  partner.  This is  based  on  a  true  story,  all  names  and  places  have  been  changed.  I  was have  lived   in  Australia  all  my  life  and  enjoyed  country  life,  worked  on  a  dairy  farm,  and  in  a vineyard