It’s Ally’s Turn

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By Carole Love Forbes

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x8.5 26

When I decided to write a book for Scarlet, it had to be about her favorite bird, the Owl. I knew little about them, so had to research them. I planned at first that I, as an artist, would illustrate the book.
I then realized that, even though I am an animal artist, I would find the owls very difficult.
Then I remembered my dear friend, Roberta Davis, who I knew could do a fantastic job. So I called her and happily she agreed to do the illustration. My job, surprisingly, would be the easy one. I knew I had to accomplish three things. 1. Who would be my heroin, 2. what would her problem be, and 3. how would it be solved. When these three were solved, I knew I had to have a lesson in self-faith taught to Ally.
Being computer illiterate, I spent months trying to link the pictures to my story line. Not having a program that would do this, I had to find another way. Finally, it all came together and we are both very happy with the results.

About the Author

After many years of acting, Carole finally listened to others and decided to start writing. At age 79 she began by writing a four book novel about women in early American history. It took many years to compete the books due to the research of history. They are now on the market.
Her next book came as a surprise to her as it was a book for children. A little baby came into her family after many years of waiting. Carole saw her only once, but she was impressed that the little girl loved to read and loved owls. So Carole set to work on ?It?s Ally?s Turn?.
Carole?s best friend, and a noted artist, Roberta Davis agreed to do the artwork and a book was born.
Carole, at 87, has several books in mind, and will continue to write as long as she can. Two books that she is working on are a spiritual book called ?All One of Us? and a space audacy named ?The Planet?.