It’s Cool to Be an OMie

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By Debbie Bard

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 26

What does it mean to BE an OMie? An OMie embraces the practice of yoga and the power of nature to better their mind, body, and soul. They understand the importance of spreading loving kindness and caring for their self, their commUNITY, and Mother Earth. It’s SUPER cool to BE an OMie. Peace, love, happiness, Earth.

About the Author

The creator of My Little OMies, Debbie, has a passion for kids, yoga, and life. Debbie graduated Summa Cum Laude from Kent State University and holds a degree in middle childhood education. She is a certified children's yoga Instructor and life coach. Debbie has coached and continues to coach various sports at the high school, middle school, and youth levels. She is also involved with numerous charity and volunteer events. She loves to travel and dreams of having friends from all over the world who are doing BIG things to expand the consciousness of the human race. Debbie believes in the power of energy and vows to use hers to have a profound impact on the betterment of humanity. She is happily married and raising 4 little OMie’s of her own.