It's All About Love

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By Hosain Mosavat

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 320

I live in a one-story house

Enough room to sit with friends
Enough love to face the truth
And only one word:
To say yes at every corner
One light to see with
And every heart to make a symphony with

Yes, I live in a one-story house
Which is the earth

About the Author

I come from Iran, the land of wine, roses and poets.  The lullabies my Mother sang to me were the poetry of Rumi and Hafez.  My Father was surrounded by Sufis and I believe my Mother was one.  I breathed in deep passion from all around me and eventually breathed out the poetry that was imbued into my heart.  Each poem is a piece of my life.  My love is to share my heart with you.  I come to you as a gardener, who will put a seed in your heart to make your heart bloom like spring flowers' rejuvenating, refreshing and beautiful.  That is why I write poetry.  Finally, I come to you as a wine-maker, who brews into you the most intoxicated lovers of humankind.  Join me, for this world needs love more than war.