Jesus, The Book

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About the Book

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Examples of subjects in this book include the significance of name in Scriptures; for example, what does it mean to have a new name which no one knows except the person receiving it? We will superficially examine the importance of numbers by examining the number forty. We will discuss the importance of spiritual principles; for example, The Elder Shall Serve The Younger. The Bible is emphatic that the bones of Jesus could not be broken. Nothing is meaningless in Scripture, and this was a condition to every Levitical sacrifice. We will also discuss why Moses, as great a prophet as he was, could not lead Israel into the Promised Land. It goes beyond his error at the waters of Meribah. Why is baptism important? Is the mode of baptism important? What are redemptive and non-redemptive temples, and what are their differences? An initial interpretation of the gates of New Jerusalem, if not perfect, is a starting point for further study. Finally, I would be negligent if I failed to inform you at the outset of the Charismatic leaning throughout the book. May God bless you from the first page to the last! Bill Moore

About the Author

My Bible teaching began at the age of nineteen. Regrettably, Ministry was not my career. After a stint in the peacetime army, I landed a job with a major corporation operating a mainframe computer. Soon thereafter I taught myself computer programming and was promoted to programmer. Between my job and my family, my Bible studies were restricted to an as-time-allowed endeavor. After thirty years with this company, I retired as a computer system engineer and returned to school to finish my bachelor’s degree. I then took a position teaching at a local college while pursuing my master’s degree. I left that position after six years to enter mission work and spent several years on mission trips to Russia and throughout the ten-forty window. Despite focusing on a secular position, I co-pastored for a season and have enjoyed opportunities to speak in churches around the country. While I am a second-rate scientist want-to-be, My first principle is that the Bible is always right. It took a long time before I could correlate the six days of creation with a fourteen-billion-year-old universe. My first major lesson at the age of nineteen was a foretaste of what I would infrequently experience. Moments into my lesson, a minister shouted his disagreement from the back of the church. After requesting a full hearing of the lesson, I continued. At the end of the service that minister was the first person I encountered. He shook my hand and told me how much he enjoyed the lesson. Disagreement or lack of understanding is not rare. Agreement, however, is not my primary goal. My primary goal is to share my understanding of the Scriptures and perhaps plant seeds for further study. Hopefully there will be enough positive material to make reading of this book worthwhile.