Last Goodbyes

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By Craig Conrad

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 303

Dutch Verlander’s life was winding down and drastically changing. Retirement was only a step away, and old age had snuck up on him and was smiling at him with the grin of a child molester. Like a man falling from a great height and the sudden change of direction at the end, he saw his life taking on a new direction, one he did not like or want: his father was dying; his girl was dumping him; and his friends were being murdered one by one; and he suddenly found himself saying his last goodbyes.

About the Author

Craig Conrad makes his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has an extensive private library of suspense, mysteries, and supernatural novels. He got hooked on the macabre at an early age, catching all the monster marathons at the local neighborhood theater, and then running home late at night in the middle of the street. His other novels are The Portal, The Chosen, and The Calling.