Learning to Trust the Tiny Voice of God

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By Billy Patty

About the Book

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This book of poetry is dedicated to my darling wife of sixty-nine years and my sweetheart of seventy-four years, my four children, grandchildren, great and great-great grandchildren. They have been my inspiration and my comfort in life in my old age.

God-willing, a second book will follow. And there is hope I will finish the story of Here Comes Billy Chasing After God.

About the Author

Billy Patty lived in a very small town called Vinita, Oklahoma. He was the the son of William Patty, a blacksmith, and Willa his wife They were a very poor family. Billy was the six child and was born to his mother at age 43.
Some of the highlights of Billy?s life may seen a bit out of a fairy book, but
what is accounted here sums up the life of a person who knew that Jesus
was to be part of his life.

During the pregnancy of his mother he was marked on the ankle by a large dark brown patch of skin from which long hair grew. His mother
told him he was marked to serve others.

At age 5 Billy began selling papers on the street and because he was so small the older boys tried to keep him from making sales. His rebuttal to
them was to get to the business people on main street and
sell the retail store people before anyone could get there. On Saturdays he would run errands for his Day, sweep up where the horses were tethered while being shod, cut wedges to anchor the spokes into the wagon fellers that made up the wheel before the iron rim was fitted to that wheel.

At age nine Billy was offered a job in the daily newspaper to sweep up the shop, oil the large web press, and put lead filings into the melting pot
to be cast into lead bars called pigs. Billy graduated quickly into casting
type high ads, then into making up the newspaper pages ad running the
press printing the 6 to 8 page daily paper. He would also stamp the
names of customers during the press run for mailing and for the carriers.
He took USFA courses by mail and gathered a journeyman printers certificate. He also was playing a horn (trumpet) in the band at that time.
Also at age nine he took a job washing dishes in a fast food café and one
Night (he worked from 11:0p.m. till 7a.m.) the fry cook and his wife failed
To show up. People were coming in and he began serving hamburgers, connies, soup and pie. Remember, he was only 9 and about 4?3?. To be able to fry cook and to use the cash register he strung out 4? high coke
Cases behind the counter to walk on and work from. He held this job until he was 13. While working at the printing office, fry-cooking at tucker?s Lunch , selling popcorn at the local theater, he learned be a projectionist
At the B theatre when he received his first Social Security card.

At age 14 he began selling advertising, writing sports stories and became
The foreman of the print shop. All the while being a regular student in
School and being honored for making b?s and better during his 4 high school years.

It was World War II years, there was a great shortage of manpower which
Made it possible for Billy to accomplish these things. At age 16 he left the
Print shop and opened his own café. This took place 6 weeks before he
Graduated. It was a great success and he gave to his parents when entering the Navy at age 17 that following November. It as 1945.

In the Navy Billy served in the Intelligence branch as a specialist and
Was discharged in in November of 1947. In May, 1948 he married Ruthie the princess of his heart, to whom he had been betrofed for five years.

All during these years Bill found a need and desire to express his inner
Life in poetry. Some of which is contained in this book. After their marriage Billy and Ruthie moved to St.Louis where Billy had become employed as a journeyman printer to work for Christian Board Of Publication doing composition and press work.

In 1952 they moved back to their home town of Vinita where billy had
Bought the Oklahoma Motel. Soon he had remodeled this motel and he obtained a loan from a Oklahoma Life Insurance Company to build
A 23 room motel beside the old one. They opened a restaurant there and he brought his mother and father to live their and run the restaurant. Anthrax hit the area when they had only been open about a year an he
Lost it all.

He contacted Christian Board to see if they wanted him back and they
Offered him the job as night foreman. He moved his family into a house owned by Ruthie?s youngest brother and Billy returned to St. Louis to make a living for his family. Each week for a year he would leaLouis and drive to Vinita to be with his family for the weekend. At the end of that time he He had managed to purchase a house in city of Overland and brought the family there. One month later their fourth child was born.

That same year billy built a house to tell on the lot next to their home For the first time in Ruthies life she found herself helping with hanging drywall. Before the house was finished the neighbor purchased it and
This gave them enough cash get a loan to build a subdivision called Briarcliff.

Soon after Billy obtained a franchise from the state of Missouri to create a sewer district for the county of
St. Charles and within a few years his company was bought by the county of St. Charles. This allowed Billy
To fund a food and community service center that provided food, clothing, money for rents, medical
Services and furniture. At the same time he entered freshman classes at St.Lous University while
Continuing to build and sell homes and real estate build a building to house the service center.

Billy served in the Naval Intelligence service as a specialist from 1945 till almost the end of 1947,
He has been a builder, real estate executive, missionary and creator of spiritual programs. He is now 89
Has 4 children there spouses, 8 grandchildren, 6 great grand children, and 4 great- great grandchildren.
He also has 3 God children.

Billy is a very active person in the Catholic church, has been a member of 17 other denominations during
his life. He has a degree in theology from St. Louis U. a certificate in USAF courses taken as a teenager and
another earned during his military service.

At the time of this publication Billy is preparing another book of poetry. He is also working on an auto-
biography. Soon he also expects to complete another book of his and is understanding of scriptures for
living ones life in the Most Holy Spirit of God.