Life and Death

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By John Durbin Husher

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 366

This book covers Life and Death but is mainly about Life. It covers the five worse causes of death in the history of mankind and what has been done to prevent a repeat of these causes. Thid story covers the dramatic efforts since the eighteenth century by key individuals to overcome illness and extend the life of man. It takes you to the present time (2015) and what is being done to overcome many of the everyday illnesses and the death threatening ones. Many readers will find information that is valuable to them in taking actions to help prevent or resolve their medical problems.

About the Author

I have spent my life as a professional engineer and as an executive of several electronic companies. Previous Vice President and General Manager of Micrel Semiconductor for twenty years. Since retirement I have had ten books published, (none about my business experiences) and this book is my perception of life and the latest accomplishments of man.