Life Operated from Within

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By Rajdeep Umesh

About the Book

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People often hold fate accountable for all that happens in their lives; they may not grasp the way that traits deep within the consciousness can influence their perception.

Life Operated from Within seeks to change the conventions people harbour in their minds when evaluating the circumstances of their lives. It examines the typical way of looking at and reacting to life experiences and explores ways in which you can deal with issues proactively in order to resolve negative conditions. Author Rajdeep Umesh discusses the mechanics of conscious behaviour?which are essentially supported by each person?s mental plane in the manifestation of diverse events of his or her life?and offers consciousness-driven exercises designed to help you make changes in your life. Anyone hoping to banish the limitations of human behaviour and establish a proactive set of beliefs can benefit from the knowledge and techniques provided here.

This philosophical study considers the way in which we think about the events of our lives and presents exercises designed to change those thought processes.

About the Author

Rajdeep Umesh, by profession is an engineer in oil sector. He had travelled across many places in  India and abroad in connection with his career. Born in Guwahati in the state of Assam, India, Rajdeep Umesh has always been keen observer of the traits of the consciousness and its various behaviours. This is his first published book.