Midnight Blue

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By Margaux J. Detterer

About the Book

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Softcover 5x8 68

It’s going to be Midnight in five minutes exactly from now.
I promise myself that when the next day rises in now four minutes, I will keep the vow that I made.
I will keep searching until my feet cannot carry me anymore.
Three minutes.
I am ready to face everything I ever wanted,
To follow my path, to become the path.
I surrender to the power of water.
Tomorrow is the start of a dream well deserved.
One minute.
Midnight is here.
Tomorrow has come; and I am not afraid.
Not anymore.

About the Author

This is not a book of poems, nor fake fairy tail. This is not the resume of my life, neither it is only about my own self.
This is a scream, a desperate call for love.
From this very young age of my life, I observed quietly many and many situations that I never understood, I still wonder so many times who will be feeling as lost I have been. I have been through a depression that took all my hopes away, but also laughters and tons of love, and now it is my time to give it back.
I have been blessed with an amazing family, two loving parents that did all they ever could to make me happy, and my mom has been the strongest when she had to raise me alone after my father passed away.
Though, since I am an only child, I had loads of time to think and re think every single detail of every day of my life and that’s when I figured, what I was born to do : Giving back all this Love I had.
So this is a humble part of me that I put on paper, the most legit part of my soul.
I hope it makes echo to someone else’s heart, and so you know too,
You are never alone.