My Beautiful Sweetheart, My Timeless Love

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By Jayne Chan

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 138

The writings reveals the author’s innermost feelings of love for her beautiful Sweetheart, someone who is miles away from her and whom she loves with all her heart. Her life takes a turn when she meets her beautiful Sweetheart, who shows her that love is possible. At the time when love knocks at the door, she is torn between believing that true love exists and her fears of letting love in her life. Love hath showed her that it did not betray her the moment she chooses to believe in it. Her Sweetheart becomes the center of her existence as she navigates us through the moments where she felt truly worthy and loved by her Sweetheart. Her timeless love for her Sweetheart, is beautifully expressed in the succeeding writings of her book. A small portion of her writings connects other significant events and people in her life.

Readers will ride along the journey of solitude, pain and emptiness to Love, through this book, and feel the joy and beauty of love – Essentially, to love, be loved and learn not to underestimate the healing power of love.

This masterpiece, is for her Sweetheart.

About the Author

Jayne Chan is a professional in the corporate sector in Asia and writes during her free time.

Coming from a conservative background and environment inspired her to come out of the closet, express herself, be her true self and transform her thoughts into heartfelt words, through her writings.

In simple words, she resonates with her feelings and beautifully crafts her writings through the creativity of her imagination, to her readers’ delight.

She works in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and lives with her cat, Mitty Chutney.